About me

314214_418628244871020_113326466_n_副本My name’s Maya. I was born from a simple family . My father was a farmer and my mother a housewife. I am the third child of four siblings .
I am finish school kindergarten in kindergarten PGRI Bottodongga , the next junior high school at MTS.3 As’Adiyah Atapange , the next senior high school at SMA.1 Majauleng
and now I am studying to be Nutritionist , at Polytechnic of health Makassar
I have a dream into architecture. But God willed another
I never dreamed of entering the world of nutrition and health , because since childhood I never pay attention to health and often have health problems . Disease is my food every day . Eating is the very thing I hate.  Not surprisingly, now my body is small, does not deserve to be a nutritionist.
But at least , with the knowledge that I’m not going to let someone else have the same fate with me especially my children and grandchildren someday .

I am sure God had other plans
Maybe bring love in my world
and it is true
I found love in Poltekkes *FRP

Because of love , I am survive
For the sake of love and family
Because , I want to make my parents and my family happy and proud







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